This scenario proves to be a complete loss. The Company focuses on their expertise and continues with their supply failing to identify the requirements of their customers and the demand of their products and services and fails to bring sustainability to their business.


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Here the Company witnesses a loss scenario where they fail to identify their own expertise and also fail to justify the demand of their customers by solely focusing on what customers want and supplying products randomly. The major components of a business depending on a Company’s expertise and the demand of their products are not met here.


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This scenario does not prove to be a complete loss though the business does not focus on the company niche and supply as both these criteria well depends on the demand of particular goods and services and meeting the same through customer niche. This will prove to change and alter these unmet aspects of business if focus is given two both of these.


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The scenario proves profitable to the businesses though the primary focus of the business is not the supply or the customer niche as both them can change and they do not remain constant always. As the focus is on demand, this will determine the company niche.


Complete justification is made to the major components of a business which is the demand and the expertise and this is a good approach taken. Through our input we help in identifying and meeting the supply ends as well as making your products the needs for customers and draw a well-balanced business scenario.Refresh


Do you really wish to stand out and get noticed among the crowd? Your brand is your identity and your niche is your CAN'T-LIVE-WITHOUT Solution. At Indi IT Solutions we help you hit the "Bullseye" and build a strong Niche for your business.


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Company Niche:

Company focuses on their skills and expertise and the best business approaches they are willing to take defining their specialization


Company focuses on the supply of products and services according to the requirement of the customers randomly.


Company focuses and identifies the demand of the total amount of products and services which customers wishes to buy.

Customer Niche:

Company focuses on the requirements and the needs of the customers from your business.

Niche Marketing

It is imperative that we select a particular niche to work within as this is something as a business owner we have often heard of. But, how will you select a niche for your business? To avoid having to compete on price with much larger businesses that have much more buying power than you do and you might select a smaller niche.

Analyzing the supply and demand and all other aspects of business, INDI IT Solutions now helps you to achieve the best business results by hitting NICHE BULLSEYE!

Niche audience
Niche company
Target Marketing
Marketing Plan
Profit marketing

We try working out how many customers are there to whom you can market your product or service. In order to make it worth your while, knowing how many there are can give you a good idea about what the price point of your product needs are. You need to adjust your expectations accordingly as you need to remember that no matter how good you are never going yo reach every last potential customer.

It is important that you develop an understanding of their needs so that you can create products and services that are special, differentiated and which solves their needs making your audience more willing to pay a higher premium to you rather than mass-produced products and services which are of a lower quality as you look at the customers you want to work with.

Identifyseveral potential products ideas by doing research on by using keywords, survey, and polls of the audience and other methods will help to determine the supply and demand of products like yours when you know you target customers.

You now will be able to determine the marketing strategies and tactics which will help you earn the most from your small niche once you have figured out the products and service which you want to market, how you can market efficiently and within your budget to your chosen niche is what the part of profitability is.

If you can make a profit or not you can finally know this by doing some sort of research.

We take the number of people in the market the average market penetration and your price point and you can come up with the most likely number of products which you need to sell each month, week, day to reach your goals

What are your niche

A product targeting a specific section of a larger industry and market is what a niche product is.

We find that the demand trends to be more price inelastic as the niche products are fulfilling a particular specialist demand. To generate a higher markup and profit margin, this can compensate for the lower volume as this enables the firm selling niche products.

The niche products also give a better chance for smaller, private firms to be able to compensate as there is less need for economies of scale and high output as niche products can be provided by multinational companies.

Niche Products

Advantages of the growing niche markets

  • Consumers have more choices

    Choice is as important as factors like price as in many high-end products such as clothes, food, drink. The ability to choose is a more important feature here. In terms of food and drink, it is perhaps the strongest.

  • Quality

    As they can guarantee to customers a certain minimum standard of service it becomes an attraction to the multination brands. It gives a guarantee of certain standards if you go to any country as a well-known brand. They can offer improvements based on region, personalization and greater individuality as this is where the niche companies can improve on more generic brands.

  • Competitive pressures on the brand names

    As there are extensive brand loyalties, many brand names can develop monopoly power. Higher prices and less incentive is what this can lead to the abuses of monopoly power. On the big multinationals, the growth of niche companies is an additional competitive pressure.

  • Labor markets

    For the entrepreneurs who wish to run their own business and not just work for a large multinational as the niche products offer more opportunities. As people feel more connected in working for a niche which they feel a greater attraction to, this may lead to increased labor productivity.

  • Lacking economies of scale

    The niche companies could lead to higher prices for consumers as they will not have the same economies of scale. If the quality is better many consumers may prefer the higher prices.

How Niche marketing helping businesses to grow?

Target Audience

You need to define a niche market for your business as if you do not know what separates your product from the competition then your customers can definitely not tell the business either.

The heart of kick-starting a sustainable, successful, and scalable business is specialization. Carving out a unique niche for your business is the key to growing your customer base whether you are trying to get your online store off the ground or you are still looking for the perfect idea.

Understanding your strengths is not the same thing as specializing. Understanding who your customers are and how your business can better serve them is what it means. So that you can focus on turning them into a team of dedicated followers who will push your business forward you need to be able to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Benefits of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing also brings with it a valuable set of benefits that might make it right fit for growing your business and not only does it help you to get a leg up on the competition by setting you apart from the pack:

Less competitive

It is less competitive

The less competition there will be for the same audience, the smaller your target market is. To make connecting with your audience even easier, try to narrow down your niche as much as possible.

Loyalty Card

Getting loyal customers

Nurturing a base of true believers is what niche marketing is all about. The backbone of your business will be made up by these hardcore fans. Since you understand them more than the competition, niche customers will trust that you have their best of interests at heart.

Affordable solutions

Being more affordable

You can get more bang for your buck and save on your marketing campaigns with niche marketing. You will not have to spend nearly as much money testing out messaging and tactics since your audience will be smaller and easier to target.

Target market

Targeting audience becomes easier

You will get to know your customers inside and out when you run a niche business. It makes targeting your marketing campaigns simple and straightforward having a very specific audience in mind.

Specialize Now to Grow Later

You can now start putting that knowledge to use by building highly targeted marketing campaigns to win over the hearts and minds of your core audiences know that you have figured out what you are wonderful at.

Focusing on what you are good at is always a smart move whether you choose to live in your niche or you are just using it as a stepping stone to grow your business. You need to go out there and own your niche.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Mission

Keyword Marketing Mission

A two pronged marketing mission statement is suggested to be successful. Identification of a target area within the niche market and the formulation of a partnership philosophy is what these includes. In the development of products and services to meet their unique needs, customers in this type of market demand a collegial approach. A customer action plan should be mapped out once the mission statement is developed.

Formula we use: Promised=Delivered=Happy Customer

It requires a little creativity while dealing with the reality of the finite market shares. It is essential that you are not limited to one product as today many companies of all sizes are exploring the niche markets. Among the other strategies which is suggested, cross-selling and development of different but complementary lines.

It is not an area which is quick where short term profits can be made when it comes to the niche markets. If you are willing yo make a long term commitment as niche markets can be a lucrative area.

Happy Employee