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Inquiring Mind


Looking for destination


Working for way

Understanding your business ideas & strategies

The best place to showcase what you do to the world is your website. We emphasize the questions which you have answered about you and convert them into the information we need to craft the best website. A team of professional designers and content writers and years of experience, we can populate your website at a rapid pace through a mix of clever algorithms.

We put together the words

To tell people what you do, your website should be able to tell all. You need some words as can be surprisingly hard to write when you find yourself in the spotlight and it is easy to talk to someone over the phone is what it means right? So, where do we start?

We use the information which you give us and we flesh it out with a helping hand from humans and technology.

You get…

  • To summarize what your business does you have the headlines and straplines and to help a person who lands on your website all you need to say is “I get it”.
  • To give the context of your business, its story, location, your own unique intro paragraphs to give proper context to your business.
  • We create these through the combination of what you tell us and with our own research.

We put together the design

Your customers need to be able to find their way around easily as your website needs to do a great job of representing you and your business. And here we have got you covered.

You get…

  • Using a theme which you like. With a range of layouts and colors which we select for you to align with your personal preferences and requirements we have a library of effective designs.
  • Specify your business sector and photos and imagery to bring your website to life. Main image, feature image and a gallery page are included in them. So that your website is ready to go right out of the box we source the image ourselves.
  • To make your website works on phone or computer, responsive designs. It is important that your website is phone-friendly as most people look for services on their phones.


Compiling every aspect we lay the perfect plan for your Inquiring Mind. Irrespective whether you already have a website framed already or you are starting from the scratch, we are there to assist you in the best way ever.

Indi IT Solution presents the most creative strategy and cutting edge technology in website designing. We specialize in adding a flame to fashion an exciting, eye-catching final product which would make your competitors wish that they have had what you are having at the moment.

Introduction to Green Room

Here we introduce you to a room full of creative strategies, execution of the best laid business plans, and implementation of proper tools to make your business outshine your competitors. Our innovative and creative methods will mesmerize you enough to take your business to the next level. We appreciate your confidence which you will be gaining by joining hands with us. We strive to deliver you excellence and help keep our trust on us as we implement our “Green Room” effect to your business.

Green Room

Welcome Step-In-Door

With wands at ready you can now enter through the step-in-door to a land where you will get the awesome outcomes of the ideas which you have got lightened up. Enter into this magical land with magical results of your ideas using every aspect which you have seen in this room. Whatever aspect is depicted in this Green Room will be delivered to you in the exact same manner

  • Step-in to achieve your dreams
  • Step-in for a robust business
  • Step-in to outshine your competitors

Lights On Idea Lamp

When your Idea Lamp turns on it lightens up every aspect present in this room. The light from your lamp shines on highlighting every minute detail which you have in mind in relation to your business. We now see through the ideas which you have and this paves the way for a proper implementation of your business plan using every aspect present in this room. When you are in the midst of darkness and you turn your lampon , the ideas for your business lightens up showing you the exact thing which you ever wanted to happen.

  • Focusing mainly on the ideas and strategies you have in mind
  • Helping you shortlist the best business strategies industry-based
  • Call-to-Action the shortlisted strategies

Select the bestCasting Couch

Now as your Idea Lamp is turned on, it throws light on the Casting Couch. Don't take this as a mere furniture! It is a vital aspect which contains all the resources which are required to give a proper structural framework to your business. All the demands of your idea will be fulfilled through the elements present on this couch which in turn proves highly beneficial for your business.

  • Structural framework to your business ideas
  • Utilization of the best tools and resources
  • Compilation of plans and tools for best results

Realtime Prototype Magical Penpot

Once you have all the aspects ready since turning your Idea Lamp on and deriving the comfort from the Casting Couch, you can now turn your focus at the Magical Penpot placed right in front of you. It contains tools which are required to implement your ideas in the real-world. Though you have thousands of tools available, we have this special magical penpot ready with few of our magical tools which will outshine your ideas from the rest of the world. With a wave of the wand this magical penpot will show you the exact magic!

  • Magical outcome for your business ensured
  • Proper implementation of our magical tools and resources
  • Long-term positive effect to your business

Global Exposure Television Unveil

As your idea lamp glows, resources are utilized and your ideas have a robust base, you can now watch the results on television. You will see how your ideas are showcased in the real-world. You will get a complete real-world scenario where you can see everything related to your idea unveiling itself through this television. And, yes this is possible as your Idea Lamp is still on.

  • Business significance according to the real world scenario
  • Ensuring your business branding in the real world
  • Ensuring global exposure for your business

Deep Understanding Robust Carpet

As your Idea Lamp glows alongwith the back up of Casting Couch, all what is required now is giving your ideas the stability and beautification. This is what the role of the robust carpet is. It gives your ideas a solid base and structural stability hence robust. Once your ideas have a strong base you can now shift to the next aspect present in this room.

  • Providing the best stability to your business
  • Adding up expertise and creativity
  • Giving a dynamic effect to your business